Videobot For Developers
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Easy-to-use API that enables you to generate bulk videos effortlessly.

# Try it yourself. Copy & run this in your terminal 

curl -XPOST -H 'x-vg-key: your-api-key' \
-H 'Content-type: application/json' \
-d '[
    "name": "Text_Zoom_In",
    "voice_1": "You know what?",
    "text_1": "Know what?",
    "actor": "Allison I"
    "name": "Video_Frame",
    "voice_1": "You have just created your first video",
    "video_1": "",
    "actor": "Allison I"
]' '' 

Send JSON And Get Videos Generated By Robot

Videobot is part of our API and It's the easiest way to automate video creation. It generates videos based on your data. You can use it for videos of any kind.

Just send your data as JSON to Videobot endpoint and immediately receive link to your newly generated video.

That's it and It's all you need to unlock the full power of video creation at scale.

JSON Format

Our JSON is just an array of pre-animated scenes filled with your data. You can edit it by yourself, but there is a better way.

Any video you can create using editor can be automated via Videobot, as well. So, the easiest way to make the JSON is to grab it from the editor.

Just sign up, create a video you need and click { } icon, you’ll see a related JSON. Now with it you can substitute your data and request videobot endpoint.

The Dashboard

Take control of all your created videos through our dashboard. Use it to keep track of every video created, download and share your videos, see metrics and check your balance.

What You Can Do
With The Help Of A Robot

Videos made by Videobot in the last month:

Turn the web pages, articles, and blog posts into social video ads that drive engagement and stimulate traffic to your website.
Showcase your products or promote discounts by creating professional videos with voice-overs.
Make Data-driven videos. Keep your videos up-to-date by automatically update videos every month, day or hour.
Present your property in the best ever way.

Start in Minutes,
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Learn more using our API documentation.
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