Makes It Easier
To Make Short Videos

Easy-to-use video editor that enables you to get studio-quality results
without the need to be a designer or voice actor.

Drop Scenes On
The Storyboard

Ready-to-use animated scenes are designed by leading artists. Use it as your building blocks for the videos. There's a scene for any need. All you do is choose pre-designed scene that fits most and add your content in it.

Add scenes to the storyboard, customize, enjoy!

Choose a Voice

You don't need a microphone. Your job is to write a script, the rest will be done by our voice-over actors.

You can choose the voice of any language. It can either be free human-like voices powered by Google, IBM, Amazon, and Yandex or paid real human artists.

Add Music

To help you make your videos even better Voxgun features a comprehensive collection of polished background music. Use samples separately or bundle with voice, the result will be perfect.

See Result

No subscriptions is required to create, store, and edit your videos. We use transparent pay-per-video pricing, so you pay for the videos you need as you need them.

One Video Doesn't
Fit All Your Needs

Create videos for all platforms and languages easily.

With Voxgun, you can make one video, copy it, and shape to fit your favorite social medias. Wide, Square, Vertical ā€“ use aspect ratio you need. Applying new voice overs in different languages is super-duper simple as well.

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